Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in the Kitchen

My very favorite thing to do in the kitchen besides washing dishes or mopping the floor, is chopping garlic. Okay, Tammy stop laughing.
First step. Separate your garlic cloves from the garlic head. This recipe called for four cloves.
The two choices to mince the garlic are the garlic press or the trusty knife. I choose the knife because it's more fun. Does anyone want a garlic press. Cut the bottoms off the cloves.
Turn your knife on its side, place the clove under the knife, with your fist slam the knife smushing the clove. Take the outer cover off and toss it in the trash.
Then comes the fun. You start chopping and keep going like a jack Russel terrier until the garlic is in tiny little bits. You garlic is already for your recipe. If you had any stress lingering from the turkey who cut you off on the road, that should be done. If you darling hubby is anything like mine, he'll come into the kitchen wondering what you are cooking.
A closer look at the knife relaxing after a great work out.
Garlic is ready awaiting time to make meatballs, bread, or simply to drive your hubby wild thinking about what good is cooking in the kitchen. Now, that's fun.

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