Friday, July 17, 2009

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

This is the only picture that remains of my lovely Cinnamon Raisin Bread. My habit during this challenge is to bring my digital camera into the kitchen and snap a step by step journey. I did that. I loaded the pictures into my computer and at the same time asked it to delete the pictures from the camera. (Mistake #1) As I was looking through the recently uploaded pictures, I noticed one that didn't look good. I decided to delete that picture. (Mistake #2) When I told it to delete that single picture, (Mistake #3) my silly computer decided to delete all my lovely pictures. I won't be making those mistakes again.

As you can see from the single surviving picture, take after my mean computer deleted all the rest, I had a very nice swirl going on.

I liked the taste of this bread. It was very easy to make. I made a slight change to the recipe. When I was looking for bulk raisins at Henry's, I saw crimson raisins. I had never had them and so I sampled one raisins and then bought the cup and a half for the recipe. I would do this again even though the cost is a bit more.

My friends at work said that my bread rivaled Dudley in Ramona. If you live in San Diego, you know what a big compliment that is.

My dh does not care for raisins, in the future, I would make one loaf with dried cranberries.

I loved the walnuts in the bread, great crunch.


  1. Gorgeous! Wow! Did you bake this in a loaf pan or free style? The Crimson raisin look great in this bread! I'm with your dh... I don't like raisin either.

  2. I made the bread in a loaf pan, but since my loaf pan is 9 inches instead of 8, I guess it is both freestanding and loafed.

  3. I like the way it looks. I like that it rivaled Dudley's. Way to go!