Monday, June 22, 2009


I was visiting someone else's blog and saw that they had their ingriedents with the cookbook. I like the look. Can you tell what ingredient was omitted?
Here are all the dry ingredients in the mixer bowl. Since I didn't want to have all the flour, yeast, sugar and salt to fly into the air, I took the whisk to combine all the dry stuff.
I used a little bowl to combine all the wet ingredients. When I tried to whisk them together I started getting spills on the counter. I didn't take a picture of the bowl with the wet ingredients because I put the small bowl above the mixer bowl and whisked and I didn't really care that I sloshed the wet ingredients into the dry because that is where they would end up. I did miss one picture.
Here is the dough after it was combined but before it was kneaded with the dough hook for 6 minutes. This dough really made the mixer dance on the counter top. It was really slapping the dough against the bowl.
Here is the dough after it was kneaded but before it was molded into a ball shape and placed in the oiled bowl.
Here is the dough in the oiled bowl awaiting the first rise. Doesn't it look cute and little.
This is after the first rise. Look at the time. It's 9:50 and church is at 10:45. There is a 20 minute drive. Time to put it into the refrigerator.
With the bowl being safely guarded, I was able to leave for church to return to finish the bread.
After church, divided the dough into three equal parts. I had a pretty picture of the dough before I baked it. It ran away and I don't know how to add the picture back in. I did a simple three braid for my challah. Maybe if I decide to repeat this bread at a later date, I may do the 4,5, 6 or if I get really crazy, the 12 braid. This wasn't my most favorite bread. It seemed hard to work with and not that tasty once it was baked. So don't hold your breath for me to repeat it soon.
The bread, fresh out of the oven and on the extra oven rack cooling awaiting to be cut in half.
I sliced the bread in half to see the lovely inside.
It was very hard to get the crumb shot with the bread. For some reason, my camera wanted to over light the bread. I hope that you can see that it looks lovely.
The bread is already packed up and ready to go to work. I forgot the bread on Monday because Trish call for a ride to work. That is okay since it was in an airtight container. The little red container did make it to Larry's work.


  1. Beautiful crumb! Looks very tasty. This bread makes awesome french toast. I'll be making it again and again.

    So what did you forget? The two egg yolks? I only see two eggs in your photo and not four.

  2. Beautiful crumb! Looks delicious.

    This bread makes awesome french toast. I'll be making it again and again. :-)

    So what did you forget? The egg yolks? (I see only two eggs instead of four)

  3. Sorry for the double post. My computer freaked out and said it didn't post the first one. It's such a liar! lol

  4. Yes, I did forget the other two eggs... or two egg yolks and two egg whites. Good catch.